Highlights collection Doensen
20 January to 7 May 2017

Keramiekcentrum Tiendschuur Tegelen has received an enormous donation. Collector Pieter Doensen donated a collection of contemporary ceramics to the Tegelen ceramics museum.

Originally from Venlo, Pieter Doensen (1944) has lived in Utrecht for many decades. After his (compulsory) military service, he studied mathematics and physics at Utrecht University, with a subsidiary in history of art. He paid for his studies by dealing in antiques. Each month, he went to Paris with a number of friends, buying items on the flea markets. Antiques. Among other things, he bought French comtoise clocks, which were restored in his student flat and afterwards sold. After his studies, he had a full-time job for 7 years and, after that, a part-time job for 15 years as a mathematics and physics teacher. He dedicated his leisure time to collecting art and antiques. In addition, he started to buy and let real estate. These ‘leisure activities’ became increasingly successful and eventually he stopped teaching.
In the meantime, he was collecting all sorts of things, poster-stamps, electric and design watches, glass and ceramics. Poster-stamps are a kind of postage stamps that were initially used from about 1900 to the 1960s to seal parcels, but later only for advertising purposes as a kind of precursor of modern advertising stickers. Now he has got so many that he is starting an interactive website where they can be viewed, sorted by town, street and house number. He made a very thorough job of the electric and design watch collection. He built up a collection containing a virtually complete overview of all modern watches that are interesting with regard to development and design between 1950 and 1990, that is to say, the electric-powered watches and watches designed by artists. He has published a book about them, an English and a Japanese edition. His wrist watch collection has been exhibited several times.


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